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A tad a head of our time telling of Trump for POTUS in 2014

By February 8, 2018 No Comments

Why can we not stop bitching about the truth , the anointed is in office until 2016 PERIOD, GET off THE bitch couch we have TO LOOK for THE TROJAN HORSE TO TAKE ON THE HILLARY MACHINE ….. ITS going to take a Hail Mary to take 2016 from the machine , focus on a solution …… We have to waken the sleeping giant A PATRIOT WITH REAL LOVE of COUNTRY TO COME OUT OF NOWHERE ! WITH DEEP POCKETS a business man that can take the real catastrophic financial tsunami with balls to TAKE on the establishment while uniting the dysfunctional republicans with the fighters of country the tea party . WHEN you hit the big pockets in this country then we are hitting the line of defense , if we loose it here where are we going to go. I wrote this 2014 not even thinking of Trump simply what we needed . Please God let someone get me in minneapolis I WANT BACK ON THE AIR … IM NOT A LIGHT WEIGHT CUTIE

I wrote this in 2014

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