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About Bella Dangelo

First I would like to thank the Bakken Post for their patience in receiving this article.  I am writing this article at one of my rigs nearing the end of my day. I have been so blessed and have been given so much from this oil field, my life has changed since moving out here 5 years ago. I give back to those who have given me so much, I have never asked for help, what I have been given here in the oil field was a chance to prove myself as hard as I want to work and build my empire, that is all within my power to grow and build my empire. The opportunities in this oil field here in North Dakota are endless.
I came out to this oil field to start over after losing everything after a divorce and selling my dream house and writing a big check to get out of instead of handing the keys back to the bank. I had no idea of what I was moving to being the oil field, let alone a boom. All I did know what that I wanted a job and to recreate myself I did know that we would not be getting away from our dependency on oil and that industry has a long run, I even told myself if I couldn’t sell if the boom went bust I would work in production or go overseas and even rough neck. This work ethic I was born with and then combined with being on my own since 13 well I became a survivalist as well as a workaholic. I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility at a young age my way of dealing with it was to do the right thing keep going to school and waiting to get into the workforce. I barely graduated from high school, being 13 and in a house with a younger sibling to take care of was exhausting and I had bigger worries than most kids, like how to get groceries and get the check in the mail from the mother that had left to pay the utilities. I was also a tomboy and thrived in the auto mechanics classes I took. When I was free of high school I had my first sales job. Only under pressure that I wouldn’t amount to anything unless I went to college did I then enter into the University of Minneapolis. I wasn’t exactly studious material however I was still taking care of now a homeless mother, until I bought her a house at the age of 20 years old. While putting myself through college I was delivering auto parts by day after classes then going to my second job waitressing, while listing to Rush Limbaugh while delivering auto parts….. My very first mentor to the one day up and coming radio show of my The Bella Dangelo Show.
I started out as History major then switched to what came effortless for me as I never even cracked a book to study and aced all my blue book test in Ancient Art History. Deciding to take a break after four years and be a ski bum for a year that is what I failed at, I can’t sit still. So I began my second sales job selling cell phones in Vail, Colorado. After two yeras I did not fit in the environment of so many so out of touch and God help me Liberals….So I moved back to Minneapolis and into the corporate world of sales. Still never fitting in the corporate game or even the maddening world of liberalism thick MN. Climbing the corporate ladder and buying remodeling and flipping houses and building my American Dream. Until I couldn’t take it any longer watching the craziness of what was happening to the economy and the country. The company I was working for I had been there 10 years and I knew the double dip recession was only going to fall further and deeper and I wanted out.
Finding this oil field was the best thing that has ever happened to me and my life. This oil field gave me my life back, it has given me real friends and real family. I walked away from a life and away from all of my family to start over. As I walk tall in a man’s world today with the love and respect from my company men, well oil is in my blood now and you can’t get me to leave. I have a thriving cleaning business, Isabella’s Oil Field Services, and a catering business as well as I sell Diesel Fuel, and have a little known radio show The Bella Dangelo Show. The radio show is humor, common sense, positive media outlet for the Oil Field, conservative tea party politics. I want to thank all that have helped me get to where I am today, and I give back as my radio show will be on its first radio station AM 1090 KTOG, as I talk about my day here in the oil field I wish I could call it work but when you have found your passion it’s not work, and the amount of fun that I have out here well it should be a crime.
I found my country, my people, native language. I have family and friends and I am not fired for being me, the ball breaker most patriotic fighting for this country while being a professional toilet scrubber, burger flipper and siphoning diesel, then running home to jump on the radio to do the right thing and FIGHT BABY FIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY, THANK YOU OIL FIELD THANK YOU MY COMPANY MEN!


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