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IT’S OFFICIAL: DONALD TRUMP Breaks Bush Record With Most Votes Ever for Republican Primary Candidate

By May 18, 2016 No Comments

With his win tonight in the State of Oregon along with previous victories throughout the country, Donald J. Trump broke George W. Bush’s record with the most votes won by any Republican Primary Candidate in party history. Tump now has control of 1151 delegates.  He only needs 86 more from the remaining 247 delegates in upcoming Primaries.


George W. Bush won 10.8 million votes in the 2000 Republican primary.  Donald Trump has won 11.1 million votes so far this year.


Donald Trump won Oregon tonight but Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win in Kentucky and lost to Bernie Sanders in Oregon.


Trump has more primary wins (27), more overall state wins (30), the highest percentage of primary wins (87%), the highest percent of overall state wins (71%), the highest percent of primary delegates (74%), the highest percent of overall delegates (67%), and the highest percentage of votes (60%) than the final top four Republican and Democrat candidates.

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